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Über uns

I love to draw, and design. About seven years ago I decided that I will only deal with drawing. I learned the 3D modeling, but it was not profitable, and therefore I switched to logo design. I started to design on national home page, and I learned from Internet. That's how I got to 99designs. I experienced a lot of good on this site, and I want to become even better.

I would like to inform everyone that I take full time 1-to-1 projects. My starting price for any work is $600. Thank you.

Mitglied seit: 15. Januar 2015


"Always great work from Akira!"
Profilbildkileywrestling vor 3 Monate bewertet
"Akira does a great job everytime!"
Profilbildkileywrestling vor 3 Monate bewertet
"Gran trabajo, muy cuidadoso con los detalles, le indique muchos cambios que a veces no eran claros, pero pudo interpretarlos genial! Estoy Feliz de haberle encontrado!"
Profilbildfreakpoint.eU vor 7 Monate bewertet
"Thank you! I'm glad you are satisfied and I can't wait for the next joint work :)"
ProfilbildAkira X3 vor 7 Monate reagiert
"Akira X3 is probably the best designer (video games) in the world. The design he created was far beyond my expectations. It was even better than anything I had imagined. Not only was the project carried out down to the smallest detail, but with great..."
ProfilbildNaki65 vor 8 Monate bewertet
"Thank you! I also really enjoyed working and communicating with each other. I'm glad that you liked the way I worked and what I created for you. I'm really pushing for everything to be great and for us to work together again :)"
ProfilbildAkira X3 vor 8 Monate reagiert
"I had the pleasure of working with Akira X3 on another design project, and I must say, I am always thoroughly impressed with his work! From start to finish, Akira X3 demonstrated his exceptional skills as a graphic designer. The design he created was..."
Profilbild@PARADINE vor 9 Monate bewertet
"PARADINE takes great care in giving me the information for the job so that I can get the best possible vision. PARADINE waits very patiently in case I get stuck on something and readily answers all my questions that are necessary for a good job. I am honored to work on such a large-scale project. This recognition is very kind of you and I try to live up to it. I am thankful. " (bearbeitet)
ProfilbildAkira X3 vor 9 Monate reagiert