Medicine Packaging
CBD Oil Label
Apple cider vinegar label
Hemp oil label
Dragon Fruit Powder
Pre-Workout Supplement Label
Base Spice Packaging
Titan Malt Beverage
Packaging for harvest fiesta
Barista Gourmet Scones Packaging
Infographic for Pet Premium
Packaging Design for Zolf


I provide holistic communication solutions with fresh and innovative ideas. My strategic and creative approach is to help brands build and sustain relationships with target audience. I manage the creation of print ads, brochures, catalogs, point of purchase displays, Packaging, Label designs, company logo's, and all corporate graphic material for our clients. Thanks

*** Please contact me for 1 to 1 Projects any time.***

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"Enthusiastic designer, and very responsive."
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"This guy is a great 3d designer"
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"Excellent experience and great designs"
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