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"Always delivering incredible work, vision and attention to detail - Our brand would not be what it is today without Hunterrr :) I cannot recommend him enough"
Profilbildunchartedmetrics vor 3 Monate bewertet
"Great experience with a talent and wonderful human. "
Unbekannter Kunde vor 7 Monate bewertet
"Unbelieve vision and even better execution! This is another example of a phenomenal designer who can take a mediocre concept and turn it into something SO much better."
Profilbildunchartedmetrics vor 9 Monate bewertet
"Phenomenal work from strategy to execution as always!!! I cannot recommend enough"
Profilbildunchartedmetrics vor 12 Monate bewertet
"Again, great work. Also probably out of your comfort zone, but you made the job easy for me so you are apparently a pro at these types of projects too! Thank you"
ProfilbildlarissaC vor etwa ein Jahr bewertet