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Mitglied seit: 20. Mai 2008
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"Very Talented and creative, a true artist. Very professional! We will continue to use them in the future. Social Communications"
ProfilbildSocialCom360 vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"Working with Maleskuiah has been fantastic. His quality of work is only second to his professionalism and responsiveness. Great attitude and pride in his work."
Profilbildulisesiorozco vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"He's an awesome designer! :D"
ProfilbildMedia Battles, Inc vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"Great designer. Followed my details to the letter. I'll work with this designer for any future logos or designs I need."
ProfilbildRomeogittens vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"maleskuliah was very creative and followed my directions . Prompt, courteous, with a clean design for my logo - outstanding! "
Profilbildvocationalmediagroup vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"Great design, listened well to feedback and responded promptly"
ProfilbildKtaggart vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"Maleskuliah did a excellent job as was fair away the most liked designer in the contest. And I had about 50 designers! The logo looks awesome and I couldn't be more happy with the work."
ProfilbildRobing1 vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"He did great work for us, we asked him to do MANY revisions and he was always on top of things, was able to give us new concepts all the time. WONDERFUL DESIGNER."
ProfilbildRubenism vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"Wow this artist has shown that they can pay attention to detail and really respond with accurate translation of any concept! Definitely someone to trust!"
ProfilbildDurand1075 vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"Great work! Responds very well to requests, and was able to adjust his design, to provide a variety of options. Would highly recommend this artist for your project!"
ProfilbildThecodecoach vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet
"Gerat designer! I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future!"
Profilbildpholtonracing vor mehr als 7 Jahre bewertet