Book Cover for Memoirs Of Middle Class Drug Addict
Book Cover for How Contempt Destroys Democracy
Book Cover for Pursuing The Mistery Of Christ
Book Cover for The Chemistry Of Life
Book Cover for Dragon Fire Method
Book cover for Slacker
Book cover design for What The F*ck Is Invesying?
Book Cover for La Tercera Rebelión
Book Cover for Oskar Und De Creoden
Book Cover for Quantum Computing Explained
Book Cover for Nostos
Book Cover for Rise Of The White Owl

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I'm a book coverist craftsman.

Not available on weekends and doomsday.

Additional revisions or design adjustments - $220 USD
Hourly rate - $75 USD

Respond within 3 days, otherwise, the project will be canceled.

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"Semnitz was very intuitive as I was slightly vague on what I requested for him to create for my book cover. He was happy to make small adjustments after his guidance for what I was actually looking for. I think he really hit the nail on the head and I w..."
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"Awesome work, as always."
Profilbildzelwood vor 2 Tage bewertet
"loved working together!"
ProfilbildStephanieP123 vor 5 Tage bewertet
"Always a pleasure working with semnitz. Professional, quick to respond, great asset delivery. "
ProfilbildAnatol C vor 16 Tage bewertet
"Great job as always - thanks a ton for your hard work!"
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